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Last Words of Roberta S. Herzog

September 30, 2010 --

I have, with love, completed my work here on Earth. Who I truly am is Eternal and therefore I can never die. My Soul lives and is the Divine Heart of the Creator always and forever.

I know it is normal and natural to grieve for one you have loved as you'll not see me in the flesh again. However, please know I am not Gone. Only my body died, which was the Temple of the Living God. I did everything I could to prolong the life of my bodily Temple and indeed, I believe my life has been extended by several decades as the time of my true departure should have been at the age 40.

Now I must close out my life and transition into the light. To all my friends and people who I have met, I leave you with my heartfelt love and gratitude for all the love you have given me during my life.


Representative for the Estate of Roberta S. Herzog

Robert Allen Walls is the Personal Representative for the Estate of Roberta S. Herzog as provided for in the Last Will and Testament. Mr. Walls has inherited the estate and as requested by Roberta was instructed to continue serving the existing and new clients with the products and teaching materials available on this website.

This includes the ebook, Akashic Records, teaching tapes and printed material, the Essence of Jerusalem and newly created products which will include limited editions of her art work and the jewelry she crafted.

Readings relating to the Akashic Records will not be available as Roberta had a unique talent with her link to the spirit realm and there are no other readers to be recommended.

In the event you need help or have any questions, please contact Robert Allen Walls at

Mr. Frank Chille, a long time friend and student of Roberta, has created an internet link to provide information to the people who want to remain in contact with the progress of Roberta’s memorial and legacy project. You can contact Frank at He has graciously and lovingly been assisting in this effort to remember Roberta’s work.

During her many years of helping others, Roberta wanted to be remembered as a caring and loving person who has provided for her work to be of service to the thousands of people who received Akashic readings. This website will provide the connection to the clients and friends who loved her.

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